SyncWave is Going Green

As SyncWave continues to grow, the company is striving to be more environmentally conscious.  Recently, SyncWave rolled out its GoGreen initiative, an effort to reduce the business’s environmental footprint in a wide variety of ways.

One significant change that the company is making is reducing the use of paper. The company will now charge $1.50 for every paper invoice that the company sends to its customers.   According to the environmental organization Forest Ethics, around 40% of industrial logging goes towards paper production.  Russell Manning, the president and founder of SyncWave, hopes that more customers will choose to switch to electronic invoicing, which is more convenient and environmentally sustainable.

In addition, the business has implemented and expanded on other ways of going green.  Mike Varenhorst, Sales Manager at SyncWave, personally collects and then recycles the many cardboard boxes that the company receives from shipments.  As a result of his efforts, hundreds of pounds of cardboard are recycled each year, instead of going into a landfill.

SyncWave is also exploring ways to use more LED lighting, both in its building and on its towers.  LED lights are more costly but use far less power and last much longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights.  The company is also minimizing its gasoline use as much as possible by strategically scheduling appointments to be geographically close together.  It is estimated that around one-hundred gallons of gasoline are saved each week by using this fuel-efficient approach.

Lastly, the company is attempting to eliminate electronic waste by returning, repurposing, or repairing many of its old or defective electronic devices.  Right now, almost no electronics are thrown away, and defective devices that cannot be repaired are being collected for recycling.  This represents yet another way that SyncWave is being environmentally conscious.

SyncWave continues to be on the cutting edge delivering high speed Internet to its rural customers in Mason, Manistee, and Oceana counties, the business is also striving to be more environmentally sustainable.  By reducing paper use, recycling cardboard, converting to LED lights, improving logistics, and recycling electronics, the company is moving forward with its GoGreen initiative.

Current SyncWave customers can sign up for emailed invoices by calling us at 231-845-1065.