Unlimited¹ Phone with No Contract

SyncWave's unlimited¹ calling plan gives you freedom to call anywhere in all 50 States & Canada, local and long distance, starting at $24.95 plus tax/surcharges³ of ~$4.50 in Mason & Oceana Counties. Pay as advertised, no hidden charges and just like our Internet service there is no contract. Save money while updating your old phone line to our VOIP service, which is a phone service over your Internet connection. Meaning, we can provide this service through our Internet service or any high speed Internet connection with a VoIP box that connects to any home phone.

Basic Phone
$24.95/per month
Keep Your Number²
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Smart Fax
$9.95/per month
No Fax Machine Needed
Send Faxes via web portal or app
Receive Faxes by Email, web portal, or app

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Basic Phone Plan

Basic Phone
$24.95 per month plus tax/surcharges3 of $4.50

Our basic phone plan acts a lot like your current land line. The only difference is that your phone connections is managed over your internet connection instead of the old copper wires that traditional phone services use. SyncWave can port your current number and install a phone ATA so you can start saving with a clear voice connection.
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Keep Your Number
  • No Contract
  • Great Price
Enhanced Phone Plan

Enhanced Phone
$29.95 per month plus tax/surcharges3 of $4.80

This plan is our basic plan with many added features for only $5. Our Enhanced Plan includes:
  • Simultanous Ring to Mobile Phone
  • Busy Voicemail (Get a voicemail even when you are on your phone)
  • Voicemail to Email (Have a audio file of your voicemail with caller id/phone number sent to your email)
  • Cloud Hosted Voicemail
  • Check Voicemail Remotely
  • Change Greeting Remotely
Smart Fax

Smart Fax4
$9.95 per month

Our Smart Fax service can work with a traditional fax machine5 and can work without a fax machine. Many people don't want the bulky fax machine any more and this service is a great option. You can send faxes via a web portal or a computer application. Faxes can be received by email, web portal, and/or a computer application.
  • No fax machine needed
  • Check Smart Fax anywhere
  • Go Green by using less paper



1 Unlimited calls or voice is based on our Reasonable Use Policy for your respective voice plan.
2 Porting your current phone number may take 5-12 business days
3 Taxes and Surcharges vary by county
4Limit of 20 pages per month
5Traditional Fax machines need an additional fax ATA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of phone installation?

SyncWave's rates and installation costs are some of the lowest in the industry. The fee we charge for installation covers the cost of the phone adapter, power unit and telephone cable. It also covers labor required to install the equipment.
Standard Installation Cost : $95.00
Includes a technician install visit, verification of voice service, and the porting of your current phone number. (This installation option is required with businesses needing hunt groups)
Self Installation Cost: $25.00
Includes all equipment, instructions, and the porting of your current phone number.  The install package is available for pick-up or can be shipped to your location.
Combo Installation Cost: $20.00
Get SyncWave internet and phone at the same time and save.

Do medical life line services work with VoIP?

All 911 calls are fully supported. However, medical life line services are not supported due to it's combining of voice and fax into one outgoing call.

How do I port my existing phone number?

Porting your existing number is fairly easy.  Start the process by filling out the electronic Standard Letter of Agency form and submitting it.  Once we have the form, SyncWave will submit a request to port your number from your existing phone provider.  Porting your number may take 5 to 12 business days. Please do not cancel your current phone account until the port is complete, otherwise SyncWave cannot port your number.

Can I suspend my phone service like my internet service?

Yes!  You can suspend your phone service.  There are three suspension options for the period of time that you are gone:
1. You can cancel for $0.00. Which means a loss of your current number, but a new number will be assigned after reactivation.
2. Retain your number for $5.00/mo including tax & surcharges. Which means SyncWave holds your number in our system for you, but the phone will not receive calls or be able to dial out.
3. Set up call forwarding to another number for $14.95/mo including tax & surcharges.  Which means you keep your number and still answer your phone calls from a phone number of your choice like a cell phone or home phone.

Can I make international calls?

We can support international calls.  Though, do to the varying international calling rates a custom plan is needed.

Please give us a call at 231-845-1065 to inquire about an international plan and pricing that makes sense for your calling needs.

Do I need Internet from SyncWave?

No, SyncWave phone service is able to work with many other Internet service providers.  There are some Internet providers that do not meet standards to reliably support voice over Internet (VOIP). We can help you assess if your current provider will meet those standards.