Internet with Unlimited Data and no contracts.

SyncWave offers a number of cost-effective internet service plans.  These plans can handle everything from basic usage like surfing and email to streaming high definition movies. The higher speed plans offer increased capacity, which is necessary when a connection is shared over multiple computers, or for delivering content at a quicker pace (such as movies, music and downloading large files).

$45.45/per month
Download Speed - 2 Mbps
Upload Speed - 1 Mbps
Great for Email & Browsing
$54.45/per month
Download Speed - 3 or 4 Mbps*
Upload Speed - 2 Mbps
Multi-User Email & Browsing
$65.45/per month
Download Speed - 6 or 8 Mbps*
Upload Speed - 3 Mbps
Excellent for Streaming HD Video
$85.00/per month
Download Speed - 10 or 16 Mbps*
Upload Speed - 5 or 6 Mbps*
Multi-User HD Streaming

*Mbps plans vary depending on location and the distribution tower.

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Router Pro Support Plan


Never Worry about Your In-Home Wireless Network


A majority of all support calls to SyncWave are a result of Wifi home network problems.  With the Router Pro Support Plan, you can avoid costly, unexpected repair bills, and have the comfort of the knowing that SyncWave will take responsibility for keeping the wireless connections in your home trouble-free and running smoothly.  This service includes remote assistance for repairing common router malfunctions, such as problems caused by lightening storms and power fluctuations.  Remote technical support for forgotten passwords and help with connecting wireless devices.  As well as, one free router with free replacements in the case of failure.


Pro Support
$5.00/per month
Includes a Single Band Router
$0 Due at Sign-Up
Pro Support Plus
$7.00/per month
Includes a Dual Band Router
$35 Due at Sign-Up
Terms and Conditions
If you cancel the plan before eight (8) months have elapsed, you will be charged for any routers you have received up until that time at SyncWave's current selling price.  The Router Pro Support Plan does not cover the expense of having a technician conduct an on-site repair.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of internet installation?

SyncWave's rates and installation costs are some of the lowest in the industry. The fee we charge for installation covers the cost of the wireless access point, power unit and wiring. It also covers labor required to install the equipment.
Standard Installation Cost : $135.00
Includes a wireless radio, an appropriate standard radio mount for your location, 75' of outdoor rated Ethernet cable, and activation/validation of a working internet connection.
Non-Standard Installation Cost: $165.00+
In some cases due to your location, elevation, and surrounding buildings (or other obstacles) additional pricing for equipment and/or labor may be needed to provide internet. These costs will always be addressed before installation happens.
At no extra charge:
SyncWave installers will set-up a purchased wireless router and will configure up to six devices. i.e.-laptop, XBOX, PS4, Wii, Smart TVs, and Blu-Ray players. As well as, perform a quick computer clean-up for two PCs to improve web browser and overall performance improvements.  These added services have a combined value exceeding $300 according to Geek Squad pricing.

Does SyncWave cover my area?

The best way to determine if you have immediate coverage, or to find out if we are servicing your area soon is to contact us for a free site survey. We answer all calls and emails on a daily basis and will be happy to answer your questions. Please fill out a Service Request Form to set-up a free site survey.

Can I watch Netfilx, Hulu, or Amazon Prime (etc) movies?

Yes, SyncWave's Power and Ultimate plans provide the bandwidth needed to watch HD quality movies.  Our Enhanced plan can stream SD quality movies

Can I play my XBOX360, PS4, or PC games online?

Our service operates with inherently low latency (the time it takes for information to travel between points), this is of critical importance in any type of real time gameplay. We support all gaming platforms including XBOX360/XBOXONE, PS3/PS4, Wii, Mac and PC.

Is my data really unlimited?

Yes your data will truly be unlimited.  SyncWave will not cap your data, throttle your speed, or charge you extra for going over a "normal" data use.  So watch as many movies, play games as long as you want, and download as much as you want because we're not going to stop you or charge you more.