Computer Repair

Computer Repair

The SyncWave Support Team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the IT field with both businesses and residential customers. Our experience sets our computer repair technicians apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your individual needs.

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Fixing Everyday Problems

Our technicians use the latest tools to work with you in trying to fix your most frustrating technology problems. Whether your email isn’t working, your computer is running slow, or you are experiencing some other issue, our technicians are available to help you. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we will gladly work with you to get to the bottom of your technology problems.
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Spyware/Malware/Virus Removal

Are you receiving annoying popups? Are you experiencing slower performance, or being asked to spend money to magically fix a virus problem? SyncWave has individuals on staff with specific computer security training. Our highly educated and experienced technicians can handle any virus, no matter how severe.

Data Recovery

We realize that you have data that you cannot afford to lose. Every day, people permanently lose family pictures, baby pictures, important financial information, or other data, due to a virus, hardware failure or even a failed attempt to fix a computer. Our IT professionals specialize in data recovery; we have recovered data from many hundreds of computers. Our data recovery and protection services extend all the way out to the enterprise level. We are data recovery experts.

Upgrades & Hardware Repairs

If your computer needs a hardware upgrade, or if a repair is needed—such as a broken laptop screen--SyncWave is here to help. Our technicians have built and repaired countless computers. We will work hard to find you the best parts, and we have the skills needed to do the job right. If you feel your computer needs a performance upgrade, or if you need a computer repaired, let SyncWave be your first choice.

In-Home Support

Sometimes you just need a technician to pay you a visit to help you with your unique problems. In-home service is convenient and personal because you can ask questions and have your concerns addressed directly by a friendly and knowledgeable technician. Many problems can be fixed right at your own home. In-Home support cannot adequately solve all problems, though, and long-term scanning or intensive work is best addressed in our offices. Please contact SyncWave LLC to determine if your problem could be addressed at your own home.

And More

SyncWave’s technicians can help you with most all consumer-level technology problems. Don’t let technology frustrate you, call SyncWave!