Hamlin Lake Tower Expansion

The view from the top of the tower on North Jebavy and West Ehler Road is beautiful this time of year.  We almost shouted at the top because we are excited to announce that SyncWave will be expanding our internet services to the Hamlin Lake area.  We know the Hamlin Lake area is under-served with reliable high speed internet.  We come to the area with high speed internet with no contracts and straight forward pricing.  This spring, our tower crew will be outfitting the taller of the two towers seen in the area and we project that the internet equipment will be operational by Summer.
SyncWave provides internet with wireless equipment.  In general, we locate a wireless radio at a residence that receives a signal from a nearby tower.  Our preferred connection is with line-of-site equipment, which means if you see our tower you are serviceable.  We also offer some non-line-of-site connections, so if you can’t see our tower we still may be able to provide internet.  We offer a free site survey to confirm that you can receive an internet signal before we install. People interested in high speed internet in the Hamlin Lake area can contact us by filling out a service request form or calling us at 231-845-1065.

Hamlin Tower is complete!  We are actively install clients now.  Call us today at 231-845-1065 or fill out a service request form.