Phone Systems


Empower your business with a cloud-hosted phone system

Enjoy features such as Day/Night Mode, an Interactive Virtual Receptionist, Call Queues, and more.  Even better, your system will be designed, deployed, and maintained by SyncWave’s professional team.  Contact our team to learn how we can build a system for your needs!

Only a broadband Internet connection is required.4

Full Extension
$29.95/ month
Keep Your Number/s2
Full Featured Phone System
Customized Configuration
Lite Extension
$12.95/ month
Customized Solution
Caller ID & CNAM
Unlimited calling to US & Canada1
Smart Fax
Starting at $9.95/ month
Receive by Email, Machine, or Computer
No Fax Machine Needed
800 Numbers
$10.95/ number
Keep Your Number/s2
Requires at Least One Full Extension
Caller ID & CNAM

*All phone systems are associated with an annual licensing fee of $249.00

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Please fill out a Business Service Request Form or give us a call at 231-845-1065 to start the consulting process.

Business Customized Phone Service

We will design a plan with your business’s needs in mind and with a full suite of customization options. If needed, our IT consultants will provide an onsite demonstration of an operational phone system, complete with different models of phones and associated hardware options can be scheduled. SyncWave serves a large variety of business types, exposing us to a large variety of conceptual and technical architectures. Our enterprise VoIP solutions cover both onsite PBX’s and hosted PBX’s, multi-site phone support, IP fax, smartphone integration and many other features.

SyncWave does not up-sell technology or monetize system options. Nor do we employ abusive licensing schemes. Our systems are full-fledged, scale-able, and can easily compete with more expensive systems.

SyncWave is a Phone Carrier, we can port your business phone number over to our system so that you can keep your numbers. We exist in both worlds in IP telephony, and allows us to provide superior customer service and capability over companies that provide just phone systems. The sky is the limit with an enterprise VoIP system through SyncWave.



Phone System Design Pricing

Our technician will meet with your company to design the phone system to meet your needs.  This is a one time cost for designing, programming, and one hour of training once the system is completed.

- Up to 16 extensions
- Day/Night Mode
- 2 IVRs with up to 8 total menu options
- 3 Ring Groups or Call Queues
- 2 Find-Me, Follow-Me Configurations
- Up to 32 extensions
- 2 Call Flow Triggers
- 4 IVRs with up to 8 total menu options
- 6 Ring Groups or Call Queues
- 6 Find-Me, Follow-Me Configurations
$125/per hour
This is for phone designs that call
for more than what the Standard
and Deluxe designs include.


Hosted Phone Service Features

Append Message Call Monitoring Caller ID Blocking Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting
Authentication Call Parking Caller ID on Call Waiting Supervised Transfer
Automated Attendant Call Queuing Do Not Disturb Three-way Calling
Blacklists Call Retrieval E911 Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
Blind Transfer Call Routing (DID & ANI) Music On Hold Voicemail
Call Detail Records Call Snooping Remote Call Pickup Voicemail to Email
Call Forward on Busy Call Transfer Remote Office Support Voicemail Groups
Call Forward on No Answer Call Waiting Roaming Extensions Web Voicemail Interface
Call Forward Variable Caller ID    


Smart Fax Options

$9.95/ month
Up to 25 Pages
$14.95/ month
Up to 100 Pages
Business Plus
$29.95/ month
Up to 500 Pages

Contact Us

 Please fill out a Business Service Request Form or give us a call at 231-845-1065 to start the consulting process.


1 Unlimited calls or voice is based on our Reasonable Use Policy for your respective voice plan.
2 Porting your current phone number may take 5-12 business days.
3 Taxes and Surcharges vary from county to county.
4Specific latency and jitter metrics are required to sustain a VOIP connection. We will help measure this to ensure VOIP service.